Vamlas Foundation

Vamlas promotes diversity and inclusion of young people with disabilities in schools, studies, hobbies and working life. We have been working for equal opportunities since 1889.

Who we are

We are experts in the employment, services and education of children and youth with disabilities. We run development projects, support research and are active in various networks promoting rehabilitation, education and employment. Vamlas also provides inclusive housing services for students with disabilities in a regular student house, total of 20 apartments.

Everyone fits

Our objective is to make sure children and youth with disabilities and their families have equality of opportunities. Through our partners we collect information of the main challenges people with disabilities are facing in the society, and use it to influence policy makers and other key players.

We want children and youth with disabilities to have same rights as everyone else:

  • Right to accessibility and inclusion
  • Right to paid work
  • Right to independent life and free choices

Our values




Our current projects

Vahti: Suitable work for everyone (2016-2018)

Vahti-project promotes the “Design for All” -philosophy in working life. Vahti cooperates with large network of businesses, employment service professionals, youth advisors etc to create new opportunities for young people with disabilities. Together with partner organisations Vahti helps employers to realize the opportunities and benefits of diversity in the workplace.

Valpas: Familyhouses for all families (2016-2018)

Familyhouses are set up by non-profit organizations to offer low threshold services for families with children. However, all families have not yet found their place in them. Valpas-project aims to get all families with children with disabilities or special needs included in the scope the Familyhouse services, regardless of their nationality or background.

Publications and materials in English

  • “From school to work” (pdf). Examples and best practices on how to support people with disabilities in education and into working life in Finland.
  • Towards accessible higher education Article discusses the results of the Competence is the Key -project (HAMK and Vamlas 2015-2017) and the position of students with disabilities in Finnish higher education.

Contact us

tel: +358 9 682 95310

Development manager
tel: +358 44 455 2677